Samsung Mobile and Alexander Wang Come Together for Industry's First Crowd-Sourced Design Process

Digital giant Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and ace designer Alexander Wang have announced a collaboration Jan.31 to create the industry's first prints from crowd-sourced sketches and images using the GALAXY Note II. These prints will appear on a limited-edition bag that will be sold worldwide to raise funds for Art Start, a charity that uses art to nurture the creative talents of vulnerable children and youth.

The creative director of Balenciaga will gather ideas from a group of special friends, photographers and stylists who will doodle designs, patterns and images on their Galaxy Note II device and Wang will curate these sketches into one final print.

"I am most inspired from my everyday life and the people that surround me, so the idea of a co-creation with the people that I admire and respect the most is very exciting," said Wang. "This collaboration represents a new way that technology and style can come together. And, through a concerted effort, I am happy to be a part of supporting such a great charity as Art Start that embraces creativity and art in a way that can change lives."

While Wang is going to use his creativity for the noble cause, Samsung will provide digital aid to the designer. The gadget will help Wang's group to express its thoughts in a clear and uninterrupted way. It's user friendly and hassle free interface will help the group doodle thoughts and ideas even while on the go.

"As we have found over the past 21 years, art is the starting point of a process; the medium through which change takes place," said Johanna De Los Santos , executive director at Art Start. "By partnering with Alexander Wang and Samsung mobile, we'll be providing our youth with exceptional opportunities that are typically not available. By inspiring and enabling our participants with technology, industry mentorships and direction, we'll demonstrate how creativity begets success and happiness."

Art Start is a New York City-based non-profit organization that uses the medium of art to help needy children and youth between the ages of 5 - 21. It aims to nurture the creativity and talents of their youth participants and instill confidence in them to face future opportunities.

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