Birthdays are a royal affair when it comes to celebrity couple Jay-Z and Beyonce. And now daughter Blue Ivy is the new part of the tradition. The toddler who turned one Jan.7, not only witnessed a massive princess themed party thrown for her that is said to have cost the couple about $200,000 but also received a diamond encrusted Barbie doll worth $80,000 as a gift. The custom made doll features 160 diamonds as well as white gold jewelry.

Just when we thought that's all, the power couple is also said to have spent an additional $95,000 on pink and white roses, $30,000 on costumes, jewelry and toys for the birthday girl's friends and their parents and $2,400 on the cake.

"Nothing's been too big or expensive for their little princess," The Sun quoted a source. "They wanted her first birthday to set the tone for the rest of her life. They work hard for their money and the first thing they want to spend it on is their baby girl. It's hard to imagine how they can top this next year - or what her Sweet Sixteen will be like."