Jewelry Designer Fashions Bangles out of Recycled Guns


Jewelry designer from Connecticut, Jessica Mindich, has come up with a creative idea of designing a stylish line of bangle bracelets called the "Caliber Collection" from recycled pistols, rifles and shot guns.

"I'm trying to keep the message very simple: This is about illegal guns and what they're doing to America," Mindich told The New York Times.

The idea struck her about a year ago when she spoke to Mayor Cory Booker of Newark during a conference. The mayor spoke to her about the issue of excessive amount of guns the city had collected due to Newark's no-questions-asked gun buyback program.

She told the mayor that she could make jewelry out of it and six months later she received 250 shredded guns from which she could design jewelry. The former lawyer then faced the challenge of figuring out a theme for her jewelry and drew the idea when the mayor told her that he wanted the design "to be about hope and restoration."

Following this, the 42-year-old decided to make bangles studded with tiny diamonds out of the recycled guns. Each bangle has the word "NEWARK" carved on it along with a serial number that symbolizes the number of the actual gun from which the bangle has been made.

Since the first batch, Mindich has received over 1,000 orders from regions like Brazil, Malta and New Zealand.

"This is a fantastic idea and I'm pleased Newark could work with Jessica in launching this innovative approach to getting guns off of our streets," Booker told the site.

The items in the Caliber Collection are priced from $150 to $375.

Mindich isn't the only one who designs jewelry from recycled guns. Fonderie 47 is known to remove AK47s from war zones and transform them into rare jewelry and accessories. In September 2012, Givenchy designed the Phoenix Collection for Fonderie 47. The collection included limited edition cuff links, rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants designed from AK47 steel, 18 karat rose gold, platinum and diamonds.

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