PETA Accuses Bebe of Lying about being Fur Free, Threatens Legal Suit

PETA has accused clothing retail chain Bebe of lying about being fur free and is even threatening to sue the brand. According to the animal rights group, the retail brand continues to use animal fur in its clothing, five years after it promised to refrain from doing so.

PETA believes that Bebe is selling rabbit and chinchilla fur in some of its stores but refuses to acknowledge the same.

The official site of Bebe carries a few outerwears including a shawl which the brand claims is made of faux fur but PETA believes that the brand has been lying.

The animal rights group has sent a cease and desist letter to Steve Birkhold, CEO of Bebe and called its business practices "unfair, dishonest, deceptive and fraudulent," according to Fashionista.

Martina Bernstein, PETA's director of litigation believes that Bebe had been misleading its customers and is involved in fraudulent activities. "In one call placed to Bebe headquarters, a representative admitted that the company does sell products made with fur," Bernstein told the site.

PETA is also a shareholder in Bebe and will probably use this position to convince the brand to recall the products from the market.

Talking to Fashionista about its plans to combat the issue, Danielle Katz, PETA campaign manager said, "As a shareholder, PETA intends to appeal to other stakeholders at bebe's next annual meeting and will submit a shareholder resolution calling for the company to go fur-free. We hope that our pleas on behalf of our 3 million members and supporters worldwide will finally bring bebe into the 21st century and convince the retailer to join top stores like Express, Calvin Klein, Abercrombie & Fitch, Guess, and H&M, all of which are 100 percent fur-free."

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