Babies emit their own unique fragrance, a mixture of milk, baby powder and cuteness and it seems Dolce and Gabbana want to add to the blend. The Italian fashion house has unveiled a perfume especially for babies with scents of melon, citrus and honey that promises to "cuddle and pamper every little boy and girl."

Talking about why the brand felt the need to manufacture the perfume, Gabbana told that the perfume aims to make babies smell sweeter than they do.

"The softness of baby skin, the freshness of baby breath, a mother's sweet hug, [and] the first smile" were the inspirations for the scent, Gabbana said, according to

The 50 ml perfume that is likely to cost about $45 is unisex and alcohol free. The bottle with its transparent body and squared shoulders carries a picture of a baby surrounded by flowers and even holding some of it.

But parents and perfume experts do not see the need of the fragrance and have called it unnecessary. "In terms of products nobody wants or needs, perfume for babies ranks right up there. This will leave most parents sniggering," Justine Roberts, of online forum Mumsnet told the Daily Mail.

Frederick Bouchardy, president of Joya Perfumes, based in New York, too believes that baby perfumes are an extravagance. "I think it's a really niche thing," he told "Can you imagine a whole bunch of scented babies?"

But Dolce and Gabbana aren't the only ones who feel the need for perfumes for tots. Burberry too introduced a baby perfume called Baby Touch alcohol-free eau de toilette, which claims to be as delicate as a baby.

Similarly, Bulgari released a perfume, Petits et Mamans, with an aim to bring a sense of joy to the mother and the baby.