Emma Watson stopped by Passport agent mistaken for an underage child during her recent holiday vacation. 

The English actress was stopped during her Christmas holiday travels at JFK airport in New York. The airport passport official stopped that actress requesting if she was with her guardian, assuming she was a minor. Airlines law vary but most require children 17 years of age or younger to be accompanied by another passenger or use Unaccompanied Minor services for international flight.

The 22 year-old was shocked tweeting her ordeal to her almost 5 million followers: "‏@EmWatson Passport control:'unaccompanied minor?' Me:'sorry?' Passport control:'where is ur guardian?' Me:'I'm 22!!!!!!!'#neverwearingabackpackagain,"

Apparently the 'Perks of Being a Wallflower,' actress portraying adolescent student was not far off, especially for Emma who looked like a very young minor with her backpack. She added "The really sad thing is that this is not the first time this has happened."

Emma may wear more makeup to look more grownup next time, considering she is now the face of Lancôme 'In Love,' Ad Campaign, making her look more mature with 'elegance,' and 'style.' or remind her fashion stylist to make her look more mature which she reported having to Glamour.