David Bowie, iconic English musician, actor released his "The Next Day," album in celebration of his 66th Birthday on January 8th. This will be his 30th album, after taking a hiatus from producing music for a decade. 

The rock and roll hall of fame, musician popular for many decades fist released his major hit "Space Oddity," in 1969. In celebration of his 30th studio recording, he will release the single 'Where Are We Now?," in March 2013. 

Bowie has sold over 140 million albums and his unique styles  always changing with the years from psychedelic, glam rock to electronica. Bowie was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996, his previous album 'Reality' was released in 2003, he performed on tour that year, he was diagnosed with blocked artery that year, after his heart surgery in 2006, The musician announced  "I'm taking a year off, no touring, no albums," and have not recorded an album since then.