Zooey Deschanel, Fox sitcom "New Girl" star reveals body image, media influence of Hollywood to Glamour.

The 33 year-old has been in the news lately with her finalized divorce to musician Ben Gibbard, lead vocalist for Death Cab for Cutie, in December. The couple married in 2009, and after two years of marriage, Deschanel filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences, in 2011.

In interview with Glamour the actress revealed how she views her body image saying "It's just about doing what you like so that when you look at yourself, you're not disgusted, adding "Im not a calculated person," adding "Actresses have definitely gotten thinner over the course of my lifetime."

She revealed that her admiration to actresses Debra Winger, Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep, who were "all beautiful and thin but not too thin," adding "There are a lot of actresses who are unhealthy-skinny--much, much too skinny," You can't Pilates to that, regarding image of some actresses,"I'm a very small person, and if I lost 15 pounds, I'd look like them; it's scary." It is well known Daschanel is allergic to eggs, dairy and wheat gluten and is strict on what she consumes.

For young girls influenced by Hollywood to be successful, the 500 Days of Summer actress said "You need to look this way to be successful? That's not true," adding, 'You don not need to look or be anorexic to be successful in Hollywood."

More of Zooey Deschanel interview can be found in Glamour February 2012 Issue.