New Years 'Marajuana,' use by Celebrities, photos and comments regarding the use of the federally illegal recreational drug.  

Pop star Justin Bieber was spotted parting after New Years, puffing on something that looks similar to a blunt. Photos of the 18 year-old smoking what appears to be marijuana with pal Lil twist were posted by TMZ.

The young musicians were photographed partying with a group of friends at a Newport Beach, California Hotel. Sources told the publication there was 'A Lot of marijuana in the room.. Lil Twist and his brother were rolling blunts and smoking everyone up."

Previously, the singers spokesperson dismissed marijuana allegation focusing on the paparazzi accident "Justin was not present or involved in this incident and the focus should remain on honoring the memory of the victim." The victim photographer Chris Guerra claimed he saw Justin Bieber smoking marijuana from a pipe, while driving his Ferrari.

Rihanna face backlash for posting Marjuana pictures. The singer took to Instagram posting January, 3rd in what appears to be leftover pot she was smoking. Under the photo caption "This nug look like a skull or am I just...?" The photo went viral with many negative feedbacks from fans accusing the 24 year-old of glorifying the use of drugs and is being a terrible role model. The "Unapologetic," singer responded "I DON'T REALLY GIVE A F##K."

According to Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, she stands firmly against the use of Marjuana, for recreational use. The 20 year-old in interview with Fox & Friends said "I think that for medical purposes it is okay, but I don't think that it's good for recreational purposes. there's just too many bad habits that go with the drug." The Rhode Island beauty queen added "I don't think that's a good thing for society. If we're trying to move things forward, a drug like marijuana does the opposite. it will slow things down."