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Psy Buys 'Gangnam Style' Luxury Condo in Los Angeles, Paid in Cash

ByIsa Lee
Jan 04, 2013 02:49 PM EST

Psy popular Korean singer with hit 'Gangnam Style,' hit viral video moves from Gangnam to Los Angeles. The YouTube's most viewed video star, with 1 billion hits is taking his style across the pacific. 

The Korean pop star bought an condo in exclusive luxury Los Angeles Blair House along Wilshire Blvd, according to Los Angeles Times. 

The singer paid 1.249 million in cash for his new condo, according to reports, The 'Gangnam Style' video creator with 1.1 billion views recently signed a record deal in September 2012, with Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun, Since then he have been touring around the globe making 'Gangnam Style,' a global hit.

Psy new luxury condo comes with 2,776 square feet , with modern fixtures including "high ceilings, den and a balcony. The complex amenities include tennis court, a gym, swimming pool and doorman plus concierge services."

Psy may create a new song  L.A. Syle next?  

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