There have been numerous auctions in the past which featured pictures as well as belongings of famed celebs. An upcoming auction has a teenage picture of Diana, Princess of Wales that has never been seen before, according to The Australian. The picture is currently owned by the private Caren Archive. The archive is putting it up for auction through RR Auctions, New Hampshire.

The picture is believed to have been taken during a ski trip and shows a very young and pretty Diana, probably about 18 years old lying down on a bed in a cabin. She is accompanied by a young boy of about the same age, who is seen reading a book which rests on her shoulder. The Princess looks relaxed and happy and stares at the camera.

The photo was sold to Daily Mirror two days after Diana's engagement to Prince Charles was announced but the identity of the photographer is not known. Across the photo the words "NOT TO BE PUBLISHED" have been scribbled probably to protect the royal from uncomfortable publicity.

The picture was owned by the paper for a number of years until bought by the private Caren Archive.

Talking to The Australian, Bobby Livingstone of RR Auctions said that the photograph would normally sell for about $1000 "but because it has that not-to-be-published marking on it, we expect it to go for much more." He added, "It captures the moment when the engagement had been announced two days before and the press was going mad over Diana - but the Daily Mirror just wasn't going to publish this picture of her in a comfortable position with a man other than Prince Charles."

One of the most loved celebs of her time, Princess Diana has been photographed by a number of professionals worldwide. Paparazzi have followed her every move as if on radar and they were even partially blamed for the accident that led to her death in 1997. Hence, it isn't surprising that the Princess of Wales is still one of the most loved and admired royals and that her belongings and photographs are often auctioned for millions.