Jay Leno 'Most Insecure Person' According to David Letterman


David Letterman talks feud with Jay Leno on Oprah's Network Show, calls Jay the "most insecure person" he have ever known.

The two have been rivals since Leno became the host of NBC's Tonight Show replacing letterman, who later left the sitcom for CBS 'Late Show.' The late night talk show host contineus his fued with Leno affirming the two are still rivals to Oprah, who also happened to have a 16 year long feud with the 65 year-old CBS host. The fued started when he and his girlfriend decided to skip out on a bill telling the waiter, Oprah agreed to pay. The feud ended in 2005 when Oprah appeared on CBS Late Show with David Letterman.

Letterman is no stranger to controversy, his off the cuff talk had him being called an 'a*#hole' by Cher, comments about Sarah Palin and her daughters have gotten the host in trouble.

David said of Leno "We were always friends before all of this happened," adding, "He has a way, I've never met anyone quite like Jay, I'm happy to say, that I think he is the funniest guy I've ever known." The host then added "fact that he is also maybe the most insecure person I have ever known, I could never reconcile that." 

The host did applaud his rival saying Jay is "just the funniest, the smartest, a wonderful observationist and very appealing as a comic," but knowing someone called you the "most insecure person," on televised interview viewed by millions does not help.  

The full interview will seen January 6, 2013 on Oprah's Next Chapter.

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