A 60 year-old patient who recently undergone stem cell facelift found bone fragments growing in her eye.   

A women in her 60's who recently had the new stem cell facelift procedure done noticed pain and odd sharp clicking sound coming from her right eye. She later went to see doctor Allen Wu at 'The Morrow Institute' in Rancho Mirage, California. The patient who spent $20,000 on her botched stem cell facelift surgery later learned that the strange clicking sound were several small pieces of bone growing around her eyes, according to Scientific American. 

Doctors have long believed stem cell therapy has the potential to change the face of human disease. Plastic surgeons are now using stem cells to make women look years younger without the pain of an invasive surgery. According to Fox News, Aestetic Surgery using patients own adult stem cells can turn back the clock. Doctors believe the new technology in stem cell transplantation can make new collagen and rejuvenate the skin. Unfortunatly, like any new medical procedures it comes with risks.

Dr. Wu's patient eyelid had drooped and area surrounding her eye were swollen due to a botched stem cell facelift. The patient since had a sucessful surgery and all the bone fragments have been removed, however some living stem cells may linger in her face.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) only approved one stem cell treatment, 'a transplant of bone marrow stem cells for people with the blood cancer leukemia,' all other procedures are considered unapproved treatments. Many stem cell cosmetics are in the gray area of treatments, although cosmetics do not require premarket approval from the FDA.