Facebook research finds increased waist-line, credit debt and weaken self-control, with heavy use of on the social media site.  

According to a study by researchers at Columbia Business School and University of Pittsburgh titled "Are Close Friends the Enemy? Online Social Networks, Self-Esteem, and Self-Control," links Facebook social media site with increased waist-line and weaken self-control. The research will be published in Journal of Consumer Research 2013 June edition.

The Journal of Consumer Research study points out that online social networks like facebook may increase self-esteem but the negative influence is feeling accomplished users may  "reward themselves with something hedonic and indulgent," said Andrew Stephen, assistant professor of business administration at the University of Pittsburgh Business School, adding "We found that to be the case across range of self-control context, making healthy vs. less healthy food choices." People lose a bit of self-control on Facebook, the social media is linked with higher body mass index and higher credit-card debt. "Even after just five minutes of facebook use, people showed higher levels of self-esteem and a reduction in observable self-control," said Stephen.

The research links Facebook addicts with will power "you don't have to reduce your Facebook useage to mitigate your risk," but users should be aware of the potential influence the social media has on your waist-line and credit score.

"Being informed about these kinds of consequences, as surprising as they may be, can help us prevent ourselves from suffering them," concluded Stephen. So, for heavy facebook users it's good to be aware of self-control. Facebook may increase your waist-line and credit debt.