Convicted killer obsessed with Justin Bieber plotted to murder and castrate the teen pop star.

Convicted murderer Dana Martin, Mark Staake and Tanner Ruane planned to carry out the murder of their ultimate target 'JB,'according to KRQE news.

Dana Martin was found to be obsessed with the 18 year-old singer, even having a tatoo of Justin on his leg. He told police behind bars that he recruited his nephew Tanner Ruane to carry out the murder while the singer stay in New York. The convicted killer's plan was to kidnap Bieber and his bodyguard and strangle them both with 'Paisley tie' his MO, Ruane was then going to castrate the kidnap victims.

Martin is currently serving two sentences for raping and killing a 15 year-old girl in Vermont. Ruane was arrested by New York Police, in his possession were the murder weapons, pruning shears.