Fashion Designer Stella McCartney was the most searched fashion lable in 2012, according to Google Zeitgeist UK. 

Stella McCartney beat out Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood for most searched fashion in Google UK Zeitgeist.

The Fashion designer, daughter of former beatles Paul McCarteny, The designer launched her own label, in a joint venture with Gucci Group. Stella now has 17 stores world wide including London, Paris, New York and Milan. Her designer collection.

Google UK Zeitgeist reports this past year Stella McCartney was the most searched fashion label, The IPad3 was the most searched gadget and Whitney Huston and Kate Middleton was the most searched in the 'People' category. The 41 year-old has her own fragrance 'Stella,' Skin care line 'CARE,' lingerie line and Kids collection. Modonna, Anni Lennox and Gwyneth Paltrow all have worn her designer wears.

Stella's collaboration includes artist R.Crumb, Jeff Koons and fashion retailers H&M and Target. Designs by Stella have been featured in Disney's Alice in Wonderland jewelry collection and New York City Ballet's Ocean's Kingdom.