Jennifer Lawrence, star of the hit movie 'Hunger Games' has been named 'most desirable women' by online poll that drew over 2.4 million votes. 

The 22 year-old actress won the most votes for her sex appeal, talent, sense of humor and professional success.

The AskMen online poll ran from November through December asking What does it really mean to be a desirable woman? Face, career, accomplishment? The Top 99 Poll represent "the complete package of beauty, brains, ambition and charm," according to the survey.

"Jennifer gained recognition through a more credible path than the gossip pages," say James Bassil, Editor-inchief of which conducted the pool, adding "There's a lack of superficiality associated with her, she's someone who's hustled for her career." 

Others on the rank list includes Mila Kunis (No.2), Rihana (No.4), Emma Stone (No.5), Sofia Vergara (No.12) for desirability, First Lady Michelle Obama (No.33), Athelete LoLo Jones (No.41), Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (No.59) and Kim Kardashian at (No.98).

"Guys are pigeonholed in terms of the type of women they supposedly like. But this shows that they like a variety of women, across a great variety of fields," says Bassil. The poll proves guys are less inclined to seek out one type of women, "This list seems to change more dramatically by the year."