Coty Inc. expands fragrance brand, adding singer Katy Perry and French fashion house Chloé's "See by Chloé." 

Coty Inc, beauty and fragrance company is expected to launch a new perfume from the French fashion house Chloé's "See by Chloé." The new perfume is  aimed at attracting 18-30 audience and is expected to be out in spring of 2013. Coty "See by Chloé" fragrance will be the first of many in a series under the Chloé's lable.

"Chloé is one of our fastest-growing houses and we are positioning it as a powerhouse" said jean Mortier, President of Coty Prestige, adding "It has a huge global reach and also much potential in the U.S."

Coty Inc. has been developing global beauty products since 1904. Founded in Paris France, the brand products includes fragrances, color cosmetics, skin & body care products. The brand is known for creating many celebrity fragrances.

Just last week, Coty. Inc announced they've added Katy Perry creating her new perfume line. The singer, songwriter developed her signature scent with Coty expanding her fragrance to a global scale. "Perry's unique approach to music and life will drive r her inspiration, and move towards new avenue of scent creation," according to press release.