iPhone 5s design surface online, after just two months of the new iPhone 5 being released.  Images of the possible new iPhone 5s designs were leaked on website iPhone5parts, featuring the possible release of the next generation iPhone.

Photos apparently of the new iPhone 5s housing component have surfaced, featuring front and rear side of the phone. The iPhone 5s rear housing picture has 'X' which stands for prototype right below the iPhone logo. Also, featured on the rumored photos are the comparison of the rear housing screws, which shows the rumored two less screw holes on the left side used to fasten the LCD and 3 holes used for fastening the logic board removed.

According to "The Commercial Times of China" the rumored iPhone 5s trail production of 50-100k units are set be in production soon. The 5s design may come with faster processor, increased display possibly 1080p HD and higher pixel camera.