Anderson Cooper admit he wear the same designer jeans every day , even alluding to washing them only twice in six months.

While talking with co-host Stacy London, Fashion guru and host of TLC make-over reality program, Cooper revealed his preference for simple style jeans.

"I wear the same thing everyday these are TV clothes, not my actual real clothes," adding "In my real life, I wear a T-shirt, gray or white, and the same pair of jeans," he told London. "Literally, the same pair of jeans every day."

London suggest Anderson increase the frequency of his laundry routine, using cold water to get them clean instead of soap.

The 45 year-old host admitted he wear his jeans in the shower to wash them, 'So the times I've washed my jeans, maybe twice in six months," adding "walked into my shower with them and put some soap on, then air dried them."

Anderons Cooper did say "I went to this store APC, which has really nice stuff," The A.P.C  (Atelier de Production et de Création) Paris fashion brand jeans are not cheap, averaging in price from $175 to $305.  

Anderson Cooper sure has a unique way of cleaning his jeans.