Brooke Burke-Charvet is recovering after her recent thyroidectomy surgery. The "Dancing with the Stars" co-host tweeted her recent recovery photo and a message to all her supportive fans "made it through my surgery, Thank God! so far so good F#@k Cancer! I'm recovering, I'm strong, I'm grateful for my brilliant Doctors."

The model, actress and TV personality announced last month that she have been diagnoses with Thyroid Cancer. While undergoing many test and procedures the 41 year-old received the news that nodules on her Thyroid were cancerous. Since her diagnoses Brooke have been chronicling her daily progression on her blog for her fans and supporters.

The modern mom took to facebook and twitter posting "I'm resting, recovering. Surgery went well. Dr Adashek is a genius. Thx Dr! Feels like I got hit my a car," adding, "Thank you 2 all my friends and supporters, I FEEL you! I'm online, thats a good sign."

On her personal Modernmom blog titled "We're All In this Together." Brooke wrote about her experience and how she told her family "I decided not to tell my children about my diagnosis for as long as I possibly could because I didn't want them to worry," she wrote "I'm not afraid anymore. I think I've been dealing with it so much the past couple months that now I'm ready to just get it done and put this behind me. My only need is being ok for my husband and my children so they don't have to go through any pain and making this as easy as possible for them."

Fans have been leaving comments of support since her surgery: "Best of luck to you! I had my TT last year at this time. It's been rough road, but I made it and feel great!,"Get well Brooke !!! Pray Your Family is doing Fine, Too," "You're such an inspiration to so many people! Hugs & prayers for everything to turn out." well.