Scents and fragrances should empower and not overpower a women's natural strength and beauty believes SAGE + fasten, a new fragrance company in the market. Industry giant Yves Saint Laurent once said that after all his years in fashion, he learned that "what is important about a dress is the woman wearing it," and the new kid on the block completely believes in it.

Inspired by this enthusiasm, SAGE + fasten pairs a desire to inspire with its commitment to health. Carefully crafted without the use of toxic parabens, sulphates and synthetic dyes, SAGE + fasten's collection of fragrances comes in four variations named for four qualities that define the essence of feminine energy.

The four variations of the SAGE + fasten's Scents are:
Common Sense - (SAGE + fasten's signature scent) True common sense cannot be bottled. Hence this fragrance works as a reminder of its importance. It reminds one to listen to the voice in our heads that keeps one grounded and helps out when life throws a curve ball. With notes of orchid, lotus flower, mango, peach and lychee, this scent is like a whiff of positivity that is clean, bright and invigorating.

Honest -With notes of cherry, pear, lily of the valley and vanilla, the fragrances rings a bell of how truth and honesty are the foundations of being your best, authentic self.

Character - Margaret Thatcher once said, "...Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny". Like the roots of an aged oak tree, one should stay grounded and find the strength to be one's best no matter how tough the situation. Woodsy, subtle and intimate with notes of oakmoss, grass, juniper, hyacinth and gardenia lily, this fragrance reminds you that like everything else even difficulties don't last forever and that it too shall pass.

Aware - Self-awareness is a powerful trait and knowing who you are enables you to be at peace with yourself. But things do not stop there. One has to continuously cleanse and bring positive changes in life. The soothing, stimulating and enveloping fragrance with notes of basil, rosemary, jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood are sure to transfer you to a world where peace and positive forces and vibes are in abundance.

This positivity has been packed in simple chic rectangular bottles with rounded shoulders and retail at $50 for 50 ml. The perfumes also come in the form of roller balls that are priced at $29 for a set of four scents of 5 ml each. The solid perfumes retail at $21 each.