Fans and fashionistas couldn't control their excitement as well as surprise when Hollywood star Brad Pitt was signed as the new face of Chanel N°5. But the ad generated a lot of amusement and satire and Pitt became the butt of jokes and spoofs. Pitt though claims not to have seen the spoofs, and has taken it all pretty well, even calling it "fair play," according to

Pitt was seen in the black and white ad with long hair and a beard, in a buttoned-down shirt with hands in pockets speaking softly and elegantly.

While Pitt looked all sophisticated and mysterious, the ad turned totally hilarious when it was spoofed by an adorable pooch who continuously stares into the camera with a voice over that says, "It's not a walk. Every walk ends, but we go on. The stick flies and we chase after it. Training disappears, instincts take over. But wherever I fetch, there you are. My wag, my treat, my belly rub. Kennel No. 5. Adorable."

Even though there are spoofs and jokes made around the ad, Pitt really looks up to the brand. "What's important to remember about CHANEL N°5 is how revolutionary this fragrance is; when it was introduced, it broke all the rules," Pitt said when the news of him being the face of the fragrance broke out. "N°5 has always been the most iconic women's fragrance. That's what I see being the appeal of this campaign; it goes beyond the abstract of emotion or beauty to evoke what is timeless: a woman's spirit."

Pitt also seems to be ready to marry Angelina Jolie, a long-pending commitment and generating a lot of buzz. "I am getting more pressure from my kids. It's something I want to do within their lifetime, and I also feel like it's the right time. The time has come." Pitt told the site.