Mattel, the toy company, in a tribute to the iconic star ElizabethTaylor, has launched two  dolls, reported the People magazine. The dolls designed by Robert Best have been named after Taylor's best selling fragrance "White Diamonds".  Their faces were reviewed by the actress herself when she agreed to a Barbie being made to look like her 10 years ago.

When Taylor died in 2011, it was the end of an era but the icon's charming aura will live on as a Barbie. The "White Diamonds" dolls bear an uncanny resemblance to the actress with her striking violet eyes.

One "White Diamonds" doll is dressed in a white gown clinched at the waist with a bow  paired with white pump heels, a pair of satin white gloves and sports Taylor's signature bob. It retails at $150

The other doll has a more vixen look. Dressed in a black knee-length dress paired with gloves and pumps of the same color, the doll also sports a sheer pair of black stockings. The doll's look has been accessorized with jewelry and it clutches a pair of sunglasses in the left hand and is priced at $125.

Both the dolls that are 11.5 inches in height also bear tiny red ribbons on the lapels of their dress signifying the icon's commitment to HIV and AIDs awareness campaigns. The "White Diamonds" dolls also come with a change of clothes and accessories that include a night slip, strappy white heels, white rimmed sunglasses, a tiara, jewelry, a perfume bottle and a tiny script.

While Taylor is sure to have loved her look-alike dolls, we wonder how happy she would be with the fact that Lindsay Lohan has portrayed Taylor's character in the film "Liz and Dick."

The decision to rope in Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor has been criticized as it is difficult to match the legend's elegance and style.

Lohan who has had a very troubled past has now come out in the open about her relationship with DJ and singer Samantha Ronson. The actress recently confessed to the US Weekly saying, "I need to love myself first before I could be with anyone else, and I was going through a lot. Two toxic people cannot be together. End of story."