In Awe of Keira Knightley’s Wardrobe for ‘Anna Karenina’

Classics have their own essence, something that is hard to replicate in today’s era. The Old World charm, the high teas, society parties and dances of the royals and the aristocrats, and the chivalrous men of course. But the list doesn’t stop there. When it comes to fashion-loving people like us, we look for more than just the plot, the parties and the chivalrous men. Yes, we are talking about the frilly and flamboyant dresses, the amazing styles flaunted by the characters.

When these classics are adapted into movies, no doubt everyone looks forward to it, but it also ends up being a visual feast to all fashionistas, and that is exactly what Keira Knightley’s upcoming movie “Anna Karenina” is expected to be.

Costume designer Jacqueline Durran is renowned for her period clothes and having worked with Knightley and director Joe Wright for “Pride & Prejudice” and “Atonement”, it comes as no surprise that Durran was the obvious choice for “Anna Karenina” too.
For the film, Durran has blended the elements traditional with modern and created some very elegant gowns and dresses. Her costumes feature a lot of vintage designs and prints with laces and furs.

But it’s not only Durran who will weave her magic in the film. According to The Daily Mail, Knightley will also be seen donning classic and sophisticated pieces from industry giants like Balenciaga, and pearl and diamonds from Chanel worth $2 million. Durran also researched on designs by Dior, Lanvin and others to create the perfect pieces for Knightley, who plays a Russian Princess in the movie.

A lot of effort and thought have been put into designing the costumes. Especially with a lot of dance scenes, the dresses called for extra work. “We had to try and make the dresses as lightweight as possible so there was a minimum amount for her to carry in addition to the exertion of the dance,” Durran said in an interview with

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