Smart and Artistic School Student is a Fashion Designer


Who says designing and fashion is not a child’s play. Tatiana Meyer, who is still in pre-teens, has launched her line of luxury scarves on the popular site Kickstarter this week. The 11-year-old, a sixth grade student has been accepted onto the site. It been just a few days and her project has already been listed in the top 3 Most Popular projects out of the 132 fashion projects.

Tatiana's hand-drawn designs have been turned into high-quality silk and cotton fabrics and then are individually sewn by Marie Smart.

“Tatiana has an amazing gift for colors and patterns. Her designs are as good or better than many of the top designers I see today,” says Smart who is a clothes designer and patternmaker who has worked with well-known fashion designers.

The 11-year-old has been drawing very inventive and imaginative pieces since she was five. Meyer started with designing greeting cards and now fabrics out of those drawings. Her artistic medium of choice is her dad's shirt cardboards.

Meyer’s pieces are adorably cute and creative. The Scarves by Tati collection comes in checks, triangles, flowers, plaid, leaves, circles, bubbles, squares and with ‘love’ written designs. With attractive and bold colors, the little girl definitely has a classic sense color combination and contracts.

It’s however no surprising that the little girl has this level of creativity. John Mix Stanley, her great, great grandfather was a renowned painter of the early American Indian in the West, and had an extensive collection at the Smithsonian in his times. Her grandfather, Fred Meyer, was a well-known sculptor in the 1950s and 1960s whose work has been collected by art museums around the world.

With generations of artists to boast, imagination and vision must be in her genes.

The little designer already has some of the most stylish patrons. Internet celebrity Ze Frank (A Show with Ze Frank ) bought a silk pocket scarf moments after hearing of the launch, “I love that young artists today have an opportunity to participate directly in the entire creative process - it's inspiring!” he noted.

New York Times Science writer Claudia Dreifus called Tatiana “brilliant!”

“I love that I can support a budding artist and get my holiday shopping done early at the same time!” Jamie Bernstein, Globe-trotting concert narrator and producer of the upcoming documentary El Sistema USA said.

Just like her designs, Meyer’s way of working is also exceptional. Her father reads aloud from Harry Potter, Tolkien, or even Chekov, and her designs are shaped by the power of the words.

“When he reads, my hands get taken away. I can look at each drawing years later and remember exactly what he was reading,” the little designer says.

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