Lumishine Mocha and Natural Beige colors trial kit

(Photo : Lumishine/Cosmoprof)

Joico's LumiShine brand is capitalizing on the current trend toward coffee-inspired hues in the beauty world with the launch of its new Mocha and Natural Beige permanent hair color series. 

These intermixable crème shades are designed to cater to both brunette and blonde hair, offering benefits such as 100% gray coverage and built-in bond-building and protection that lasts for up to 30 shampoos.

The Mocha and Natural Beige series aims to enhance brunette and blonde hair with rich chocolate-brown and vanilla-latte tones, promising increased shine and reduced breakage. 

The formula, featuring Joico's ArgiPlex technology, boasts a low-ammonia composition aimed at strengthening hair strands and ensuring long-lasting color vibrancy.

This move by LumiShine comes amid a broader trend where consumers seek to replicate the rich tones of coffee in their hair color choices, mirroring the popularity seen in coffee-flavored lip products this summer. 

The new offerings from LumiShine aim to meet this demand, providing a palette of shades that cater to those looking for natural-looking browns and neutral beige results.

Included in the launch are various shades such as caramel mocha and mocha latte hues, aimed at delivering dimensional gray coverage and customizable options for both blondes and brunettes. 

The range also includes a trial kit featuring shades like 10NB, 9NB, 7NB, 6NB, 5NB, 6M, 5M, and 3M, accompanied by a free swatch insert and LumiShine Crème Developer.

Joico's LumiShine collection is known for its blend of pre-balanced shades and ArgiPlex technology, which strengthens hair from within. 

The products promise up to twice the shine compared to untreated damaged hair, reduced breakage, and nourished, moisture-sealed hair that retains vibrancy for up to 30 shampoos when used with Joico's K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner.