Geka Mascara

(Photo : Geka)

Geka, a prominent beauty packaging manufacturer, has unveiled a pioneering sustainable material. The company has introduced the first-ever bulk and formulation-compliant post-consumer-recycled (PCR) polypropylene (PP) suitable for primary cosmetic packaging. 

This innovative material aims to significantly reduce the environmental impact of cosmetic packaging.

The new PCR PP consists of at least 95% recycled plastic and promises unprecedented color brilliance without visual loss. It offers a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to virgin materials, representing a major step toward sustainability in the cosmetics industry.

Crucially, the material is designed for components that come into direct contact with formulations, such as bottles and rods. It behaves identically to virgin PP, ensuring manufacturers do not need to adjust their existing tooling or processing equipment. 

Additionally, the material is available at a comparable price level, making it a zero-investment solution for brands seeking sustainable alternatives.

Developed in collaboration with WIS-Kunststoffe, Geka's long-standing partner, the PCR PP is odorless and has been rigorously tested to meet several international standards. These include EU (No) 10/2011 for food contact, EC 1223/2009 for cosmetic products, REACH (No) 1907/2006, and California Proposition 65. 

This compliance opens new possibilities for packaging products like water-based mascaras, which previously could not use PCR PPs due to strict quality requirements.

The material is optimized for cosmetics packaging, ensuring color-neutrality and enabling a wide range of shade and effect combinations. 

Unlike conventional recycled packaging, this new material is free of impurities and does not require added color batches, maintaining consistency and vibrancy in hues. This allows cosmetic brands to achieve complex effects like metallic sheen or chrome without compromising on brilliance or needing excessive pigment.

"This groundbreaking PCR PP material allows the cosmetics industry to drive sustainability without sacrificing performance, functionality, or quality. Brands don't need to sacrifice their beautiful design concepts to be a sustainable option," Huong Bister, head of R&D at Geka, stated.

The PCR PP material has been selected as a finalist in the packaging category at the MakeUp in Paris Innovation & Trends Awards.

The launch of Geka's PCR PP material represents a significant advancement in sustainable practices within the cosmetics industry. Its ability to meet high standards and maintain color brilliance provides a viable solution for brands aiming to reduce their environmental footprint.