Laneige Watermelon Pop Lip Mask

(Photo : Laneige)

Laneige has introduced a limited-edition Watermelon Pop flavor of its popular Lip Sleeping Mask, perfect for summer skincare routines.

This latest variant features a vibrant pink-red hue and a refreshing watermelon scent, capturing the essence of the beloved seasonal fruit.

"Keeping things juicy this summer with Watermelon Pop. Treat your lips to the perfect summer treat!" Laneige wrote in an Instagram post.

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The Lip Sleeping Mask is celebrated for its hydrating properties, making it a favorite among beauty enthusiasts.

Its formula is enriched with Laneige's signature berry fruit complex, murumuru seed butter, and shea butter. These ingredients work together to provide intense moisture and antioxidant benefits, ensuring lips remain soft, smooth, and protected overnight.

Celebrity endorsements and social media buzz have contributed to the product's popularity, including Sydney Sweeney.

The Lip Sleeping Mask has also gained traction on platforms like TikTok, where users shared their positive experiences and results.

Clinical studies support the product's efficacy. Users reported an eight-hour hydration boost and a 135% increase in immediate hydration levels after application.

After a week of consistent use, a majority of users agreed that their lips felt softer, more hydrated, and healthier. Specifically, 93% noted their lips felt softer and less flaky, while 90% observed a healthier appearance.

The Watermelon Pop flavor joins Laneige's lineup of limited-edition releases, which have a history of selling out quickly due to high demand. The combination of effective skincare benefits and a delightful sensory experience makes this flavor a standout addition to Laneige's range.

Available for $24 at and, the Watermelon Pop Lip Sleeping Mask is expected to sell out swiftly. Beauty enthusiasts are encouraged to act quickly to secure this seasonal treat for their summer skincare regimen.

Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask continues to be a top choice for those seeking long-lasting hydration and lip care.

With its new Watermelon Pop flavor, the brand once again proves its ability to combine effective skincare with a touch of seasonal fun.