Red nails

(Photo : Pexels/Andrea Mosti )

When it comes to beauty trends, TikTok often serves as a catalyst for new ideas and discussions, especially when it comes to nail aesthetics.

Two theories have been capturing the spotlight: the black nail theory and the red nail theory. If you've been immersed in BeautyTok, chances are these theories have crossed your feed, but do you know what they are all about?

Each theory provides a unique viewpoint on how nail color choices can influence our psychology and perceptions. Here's a breakdown of what they entail.

Black Nail Theory

The black nail theory suggests that sporting a glossy black manicure can significantly enhance one's confidence.

Unlike colors chosen to attract external attention, such as red, black nails are seen as an act of self-empowerment. They symbolize a "dark feminine" energy, characterized by strength and sophistication, capable of leaving a lasting impression in any setting.

Wearing black nails is not merely a fashion statement but a statement of self-assurance and individuality. This color choice is believed to project a sense of power and magnetism, allowing the wearer to exude confidence and command attention effortlessly.

Red Nail Theory

The red nail theory, on the other hand, focuses on the charm and attraction associated with red manicures.

Red, a color synonymous with passion and vitality, is thought to evoke feelings of sensuality and romance. According to this theory, red nails can trigger subconscious associations with maternal care during childhood, making them subtly appealing to others, particularly potential suitors.

Some suggest that men find red nails attractive because they evoke memories of their mothers' hands adorned with red nail polish. These memories often harken back to a time when they saw their mothers as strong and independent caregivers during their childhood.

Critics, however, argue that this theory perpetuates the idea of centering women's lives around men.

Nonetheless, red nails are known for their ability to draw attention and convey dominance and confidence. They represent a timeless symbol of allure and femininity, making them a popular choice for those seeking to make a bold and captivating statement.