(Photo : Pexels/Anna Nekrashevich)

Acne is the top skin concern of preteens and teenagers, according to a recent survey conducted on parents of kids aged 10-17 by dermatologist-recommended skincare brand CeraVe. 

As skincare routines gain popularity among tweens and teens, CeraVe aims to provide expert dermatological guidance during Acne Awareness Month.

The survey found that 74% of the parents said their children discuss acne with them, primarily obtaining information from social media platforms like TikTok. 

Meanwhile, 54% of parents turn to dermatologists first for skincare advice, while 42% consult pediatricians. The reliance on healthcare professionals shows parents' desire for credible, expert guidance over online trends.

Social media's influence is notable, with over 6 million TikTok posts using the hashtag "#skincareroutine" and more than 2 million using "#acne." 

According to the survey results, 61% of parents acknowledged that their children engage in online skincare trends.

"As a pediatric dermatologist, acne is one of the most common topics I address with my patients and their parents as kids start to experience their first breakouts," board-certified pediatric dermatologist Dr. Latanya Benjamin said. "Each patient's acne experience is different and caring for acne-prone skin can start at an early age, so I encourage everyone to make sure the ingredients are age-appropriate.

The emotional impact of acne on youth is significant, with one in five parents noting their child has considered skipping social activities due to acne. Additionally, 45% of parents believe social media increases their child's self-consciousness about their skin.

"We are committed to working with dermatologists to offer a full range of products that allow consumers of all ages to customize their skincare routines and feel confident in their skin," CeraVe's general manager, Penelope Giraud, stated in a press release.

To educate parents on skincare for their children, CeraVe is collaborating with dermatologists and influencers to create social media content and educational kits. These kits, featuring materials co-created with healthcare professionals, will be distributed by pediatricians nationwide.

CeraVe's initiative during Acne Awareness Month aims to provide parents with the necessary tools and information to support their children's skincare health. 

The brand's comprehensive acne product line, developed with dermatologist expertise, also continues to help consumers address various skincare concerns effectively.