Mooncat powerpuff girls

(Photo : Mooncat)

Mooncat, a prominent vegan nail polish brand, has partnered with Cartoon Network's "The Powerpuff Girls" to launch a new nail polish collection. 

This collaboration features six of Mooncat's bestselling Jelly Flakie Lacquers, each inspired by characters and motifs from the beloved animated series. 

The collection includes hues of pink, purple, green, red, black, and blue, reflecting the vibrant personalities of the Powerpuff Girls and their universe.

The polishes in this collection are named after key characters and elements from the show. They include "Forces of Evil," "Don't Cry, Bubbles," "Blossom's Firebreath," "Chemical X," "Hardcore Buttercup," and "The Diabolical Mojo Jojo!!" 

Each polish is crafted with a buildable formula that allows users to achieve either a semi-sheer or opaque look. The lacquers are enriched with multicolored, color-shifting iridescent flakes and various types of holographic glitter, providing a dynamic and eye-catching finish.

"Chemical X" is a black jelly lacquer containing a rainbow spectrum of multi-colored, iridescent flakes and three types of holographic glitter. "Blossom's Firebreath" is a pink jelly lacquer with pink, orange, and blue iridescent flakes, complemented by micro holographic glitter. 

Meanwhile, "Hardcore Buttercup" features a green jelly base with green, purple, and teal iridescent flakes and two types of holographic glitter.

"Don't Cry, Bubbles" is a sky-blue jelly lacquer with a range of multi-colored, color-shifting iridescent flakes and blue, yellow, and round-green glitter, along with two types of holographic glitter. 

"Forces of Evil," on the other hand, is a pink-red jelly lacquer with color-shifting pink, orange, and blue iridescent flakes and micro holographic glitter. 

Lastly, "The Diabolical Mojo Jojo!!" is a purple jelly lacquer with color-shifting purple-pink shimmer, green, pink, and black flakes as well as three types of holographic glitter.

The collection is available for purchase individually at $15 each or as a complete set for $102 on Mooncat's website. The limited-edition collector's boxed set also includes character-themed nail art stickers, adding an extra touch of fun for fans and collectors.

Since its launch in 2021, Mooncat has collaborated with various franchises to create unique, themed nail polish collections. It previously collaborated with other iconic brands, including Disney, featuring collections inspired by "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Alice in Wonderland."

The brand's commitment to offering 100% vegan and cruelty-free products has also made it a favorite among beauty enthusiasts who value ethical and sustainable practices.