Bumble and bumble products

(Photo : Bumble and bumble)

Haircare brand Bumble and bumble has made its debut on the Amazon Premium Beauty store in the United States, marking a significant expansion in its consumer reach. 

The brand, known for its high-performance haircare products and styling expertise, aims to cater to a broader audience through Amazon's extensive platform, providing Prime members with the added benefit of fast and free shipping on all orders.

"The new Bumble and bumble brand store in Amazon Premium Beauty is a styling destination," Corey Reese, SVP and global general manager at Bumble and bumble, said in a press release.

Reese highlighted the brand's commitment to offering a comprehensive range of products tailored for various hair types and textures, which include its iconic styling products and a diverse selection of shampoos and conditioners.

Customers browsing through the Amazon Premium Beauty store can now access Bumble and bumble's signature hair education resources. 

These include expert tips, tricks, and advice from the brand's experienced stylists, designed to help consumers achieve professional-quality results at home. 

Among the featured products available for purchase are Bb.Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat Protectant Primer, Bb.Curl Curl Defining Cream, Bb.Heat Shield Thermal Protection Mist, Spray de Mode, Prêt-à-powder, and more. 

Each product is crafted to deliver specific results, such as enhanced hydration or voluminous hair, catering to diverse styling needs.

In addition to its product lineup, Bumble and bumble introduced innovative features within its Amazon store, such as Hair Styling 101. 

This interactive platform offers shoppable "short cuts" video content and a personalized styling quiz to assist customers in identifying the ideal products for their hairstyling goals. 

The seamless shopping experience allows users to add recommended items directly to their carts, which may simplify the process of achieving desired hair outcomes.

Founded in 1977 as a New York City salon, Bumble and bumble quickly gained recognition in the industry through its contributions to fashion shows, magazines, and global hairstyling trends. 

Its debut on Amazon's Premium Beauty store signifies a strategic move to make its acclaimed products and expertise more accessible to a wider audience across the US.