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Cetaphil has introduced a new campaign, "Made For Phil," encouraging men to engage in skincare through open and natural conversations.

This initiative, launched with a humorous twist, aims to break the stigma surrounding men's skincare routines.

The campaign's centerpiece is the Ceta Six-Pack, a playful take on the traditional six-pack of beverages. Instead of drinks, this six-pack is filled with skincare products, serving as a lighthearted prompt for men to discuss grooming.

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This effort is part of a broader digital campaign featuring two main videos, the "Ceta Six-Pack" and the "CetaGrill," both designed to integrate skincare into everyday life with practicality and humor.

Tara Loftis, global president of skincare at Galderma, expressed excitement about the growing interest in men's skincare.

"There is a palpable surge in men's interest in skincare, and we are excited to be a part of it," Loftis remarked in a press release. "Inspired by a recent organic shoutout from football rookie Xavier Legette, coupled with our brand's natural affinity with men, we launched this campaign to foster a culture where skincare is openly embraced as part of everyday life."

The #MadeForPhil campaign premiered around Father's Day and included two hero videos on Cetaphil's social media channels.

These videos aim to make skincare a normal part of men's routines through comedic and relatable scenarios. According to an online poll, as men's use of skincare products increases, so does their desire to keep these routines private.

The campaign seeks to normalize men's skincare, making it an open and accepted practice.

Cetaphil's campaign also includes various multi-channel initiatives throughout the month. Highlights include a consumer sweepstakes featuring the exclusive CetaGrill, which combines a high-powered grill with custom holders for Cetaphil products.

Additionally, the brand teamed up with personalities like football rookie Legette, DJ Walton, and The Real Dads of NY, who, as part of the campaign, shared their skincare routines to promote camaraderie among men who care about their skin.

The #MadeForPhil campaign aims to shift the dialogue on male skincare, embracing modern masculinity's diversity and encouraging men to openly embrace self-care.