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Lip Lab is embracing summer 2024's latest trend with a new coffee-inspired lip product shade.

The new hue, named Dark Chocolate Espresso, aims to capture the essence of a perfectly brewed coffee, featuring a warm, earthy tone.

Known for its unique, personalized experiences, Lip Lab offers customers the opportunity to craft bespoke lipsticks, balms, and glosses. These experiences are popular for various occasions, including birthdays and bachelorette parties, allowing patrons to create products that reflect their individual style and personality.

Lip Lab operates boutiques in several key locations across the United States, including New York, Nevada, Washington, D.C., Arizona, California, Texas, Tennessee, and Chicago, as well as Canada. Each boutique emphasizes a commitment to quality and ethical production, ensuring that all products are cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, and talc-free.

The customization process at Lip Lab involves several steps. Customers start by creating their shade, followed by selecting their preferred finish, which can be matte, satin, sheer, or balm. They then add a flavor to their product, with options like vanilla, pomegranate, mango, or mint. Finally, the product can be named and engraved, adding a personal touch.

Reservations are recommended to ensure service, although walk-ins are accepted when possible. The time required for a custom lipstick experience can be up to an hour for two people and up to two hours for six people. The custom butter balm service typically takes half the time of the lipstick service.

Lip Lab emphasizes the quality and care that goes into each product, reflecting its commitment to high standards. Ingredient details are available on its website.

With the rise of the coffee-inspired lip trend this summer, The Lip Lab's Dark Chocolate Espresso, whether in the form of a lipstick, balm, or gloss, is expected to be a popular choice for makeup enthusiasts.

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