(Photo : Olaplex)

In celebration of its 10th anniversary this Tuesday, Olaplex has introduced the Pro Collective, a team of top-performing stylists and colorists who will amplify the brand's influence within the stylist community. 

The Pro Collective aims to provide extensive support and education to stylists who use Olaplex products, enhancing their skills and knowledge through various professional events and training sessions.

The Olaplex Pro Collective will be actively involved in industry events and shows, offering masterclass educational events, training sessions, meet-ups, and more. 

Stylists can expect to gain advanced technique-based education and inspiration from this new team, which will share its expertise through innovative products, how-tos, before-and-after showcases, and in-person educational events. 

Additionally, the Pro Collective will offer technique-driven classes in collaboration with distributor partners.

"The month of June is dedicated to celebrating our stylists and all that they do for us and their customers," said Amanda Baldwin, CEO of Olaplex. "The professional stylist community has been at the center of the brand since day one, as they hold a special relationship to consumers and are such strong sources of education."

The Pro Collective specializes in various areas, including color, cutting, blonding, extensions, vivids, transformations, balayage, consultations, and education across all hair types and textures. 

The team's strong social media presence, industry influence, and passion for their craft have earned them trust within the hair stylist community.

The Olaplex Pro Collective comprises the following members: Maggie Hancock from Scottsdale, Arizona; Alejandro Lopez from Orlando, Florida; Daisy Henson from San Diego, California; Danilo Bozic from Chicago, Illinois; Nora Dababneh from Chicago; Daisy Goord from Plymouth, United Kingdom; Alissa Geyer from Cleveland, Ohio; Lynda Peterson from Salt Lake City, Utah; Jaytaun Rebber from Lamesa, Texas; Amy Spencer from Salt Lake City; Conor Doyle from Wicklow, Ireland; Kat Summers from Kansas City, Kansas; Kara Williams from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Jessica Powers from Salt Lake City; and Mary Ott from Allentown, Pennsylvania.

By establishing the Pro Collective, Olaplex reaffirms its commitment to the professional stylist community, continuing to support and inspire stylists with education, innovative techniques, and community engagement.