Huda Beauty Blush Filter

(Photo : Huda Beauty)

In an exciting new launch, Huda Beauty is bridging the gap between digital enhancements and real-life beauty with its latest product, the Blush Filter Liquid Blush.

The Blush Filter Liquid Blush is designed to provide a natural, soft-focus glow without the need for digital enhancements. The product features a lightweight formula with buildable and blendable pigments, enhanced with finely milled micro-pearls for a high-impact finish.

Available in five shades -- Cotton Candy, Peach Sorbet, Strawberry Cream, Watermelon Pop, and Black Cherry -- the Blush Filter Liquid Blush is designed to suit all skin tones. The blush comes with a unique peanut-shaped doe foot applicator, which allows for precise and seamless application.

The brand's CEO, Huda Kattan, who admitted she's obsessed with achieving filtered finish, also shared her technique for achieving a multi-dimensional blush look. 

She uses two shades of Blush Filter to create an ombre effect, applying a lighter shade on the top of the cheekbone and a darker shade below, blending them before setting with Huda Beauty's Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder. This method gives a beautiful 3D effect.

"I made Blush Filter so we can have fun with beauty again, with a pop of color to the cheeks and the ultimate 'airblushed' finish!" Kattan said. 

"Blush Filter's lightweight formula has buildable, blendable pigments and finely milled micro-pearls, so this liquid blush literally looks like a filter as it melts into the skin for a super-pigmented, soft glow," she added. 

To ensure a long-lasting and flawless finish, Kattan recommends setting the blush with Huda Beauty's Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder. This step enhances the airbrushed look and keeps the blush in place throughout the day.

Kattan's favorite shade combinations for the ombre blush technique include Cotton Candy with Peach Sorbet or Strawberry Cream, Peach Sorbet with Watermelon Pop, and Strawberry Cream with Black Cherry. 

She emphasizes the importance of experimenting with placement and colors to achieve different effects. Placing blush higher on the cheekbones can create a lifted appearance, while applying it closer to the apples of the cheeks can give a fuller look.

The Blush Filter Liquid Blush retails for $21 and is available both in stores and online at Sephora and Huda Beauty's website. 

The product promises to become a staple in makeup routines, offering a versatile and user-friendly option for achieving a natural, yet enhanced look.

With its innovative formula, precise applicator, and wide range of shades, the Blush Filter Liquid Blush aims to provide beauty enthusiasts with a product that brings the benefits of a digital filter into their everyday lives.

Whether for a subtle touch or a bold statement, this new offering from Huda Beauty is set to redefine blush application.