Dr. Squatch wipes

(Photo : Dr. Squatch)

Dr. Squatch has launched a new men's private hygiene line aimed at promoting comprehensive grooming. 

The Ball Care line features three essential products: the Groin Guardian Trimmer, Ball Barrier Dry Lotion, and Beast Wipes. 

This launch coincides with the rapid growth of the male personal care market, projected to reach $115 billion by 2028. Despite the market's expansion, research by Dr. Squatch indicates that many men neglect below-the-belt hygiene. 

The study found that 81% of men experience hygiene issues, 73% struggle with sweating, and 70% face odor problems. Only 33% currently use private hygiene products. Dr. Squatch seeks to bridge this gap with its new product line, offering comprehensive "ball-to-ball coverage."

The new line includes the following products:

1. Groin Guardian Trimmer

Priced at $70, the Groin Guardian Trimmer is a dermatologist-tested trimmer designed for precise grooming. 

It features precision ceramic blades and Squatch-Shield Technology to prevent nicks and cuts, ensuring a smooth, worry-free trimming experience. The trimmer is versatile, suitable for grooming not only the groin area but also the chest, armpits, and other body parts.

2. Ball Barrier Dry Lotion

The Ball Barrier Dry Lotion is available for $14, or $12 with a subscription. This innovative lotion-to-powder formula addresses common issues such as sweat, odor, and chafing. 

Upon application, the lotion dries instantly into a powder-like feel, providing a comfortable, dry experience. It is designed to keep the skin fresh and free from irritation throughout the day.

3. Beast Wipes

Beast Wipes are priced at $12, or $10 with a subscription. These biodegradable wipes are made with natural ingredients, including aloe vera and vitamin E, to soothe and refresh the skin. 

Crafted with aerobic biodegradable nonwoven fibers, the wipes are flushable and environmentally friendly. They are designed for on-the-go use, ensuring cleanliness and freshness whenever needed.

John Ludeke, vice president of marketing at Dr. Squatch, emphasized the brand's mission.

 "Our goal is to inspire and educate men to be happier and healthier. As we expand, we found private hygiene to be a great opportunity," Ludeke said. 

To celebrate the launch, Dr. Squatch partnered with Nick Cannon, taking out a $10 million insurance policy on his reproductive health. Cannon, who has fathered 12 children, has been crowned "Most Valuable Balls" by the brand. 

Dr. Squatch's new Ball Care line aims to redefine men's grooming with an emphasis on cleanliness, performance, attractiveness, and confidence.