Glossier Strawberry Balm Dotcom

(Photo : Glossier)

Glossier is relaunching its original Balm Dotcom formula after a fervent campaign by its fans. 

The makeup and skincare brand teased the relaunch with a  Instagram post. The post featured a pixelated image that seemed to depict Glossier's well-loved Balm Dotcom product in mango, accompanied by the text: "You asked for it." 

"Glossier HQ is just as chronically online as you are[.] The gossip threads might be onto something... more to share sooooon?!" the caption read.

Launched in 2014, Balm Dotcom quickly became a cult favorite due to its deeply moisturizing formula, which included lanolin, petroleum, and beeswax. 

However, in early 2023, Glossier reformulated the product to make it vegan, replacing lanolin with a synthetic version and introducing castor jelly instead of petrolatum.

This reformulation divided Glossier's customer base. While some consumers welcomed the vegan update, others voiced their dissatisfaction on social media.

"Mango balm dot calm but with the original formula [please]... WE [ARE] BEGGING [YOU]," a social media user commented on Glossier's Instagram post.

"[R]eddit[,] we did it babes," another added.

Meanwhile, many expressed their disappointment with Glossier's decision to reintroduce the original formula, which is not vegan.

"[S]ad day for Glossier and the animal community. You can do better yet you are choosing to regress," one lamented.

"So instead of... just, improving the vegan formula... you are now slicing out an entire customer base .... This is also a realllyyy strange way to promote it as if the vegan version was a problem," another user wrote.

Glossier tested the market last month by launching its Strawberry Balm Dotcom using what it referred to as the original formula. 

This move was accompanied by a significant discount on the vegan Balm Dotcom, reducing the price from $14 to $7, hinting at a possible discontinuation.

The original Balm Dotcom formula, praised for its long-lasting and deeply moisturizing qualities, is tailored for extremely chapped and dry lips, especially in harsh weather conditions. 

"Nothing beats the original," the company said. "The original formula of our cult-favorite, do-everything lip balm is officially back! Swipe on and celebrate with instant nourishment you can feel and taste."

Glossier's New Flavor of Balm Dotcom

The brand also introduced a new "Strawberry Balm Dotcom," which features the original formula as well. This new flavor provides a soft red tint on the lips, offering a subtle pop of color suitable for everyday wear or a no-makeup look. 

The product is enriched with beeswax for moisture retention and lanolin, a moisturizing ingredient ideal for sensitive skin. 

It also includes extracts of cupuacu fruit, rice bran, rosemary leaf, and castor seed oil to create a thick, hydrating salve.

Meanwhile, there is no official word on whether the iconic cherry flavor will make a comeback. However, given the strong response from fans, further returns may be on the horizon.

Both the revived Balm Dotcom and the Strawberry Balm Dotcom are available on Glossier's website for $14 each.