Wella Company

(Photo : Wella Company)

Wella Company and its namesake brand Wella Professionals have introduced a more sustainable version of the Welloxon Perfect salon color developer. 

The new product line was designed with sustainability top-of-mind, from formula to packaging materials, transportation, and in-salon use while delivering predictable color results, per the brand.

The innovation advances Wella Company's strategy to use more sustainable ingredients, formulations, and packaging across the company's portfolio of professional and retail hair color and care, nails and beauty tech brands. 

During the development process, the Wella team engaged third-party sustainability experts to conduct a multi-criteria whole life-cycle assessment of the product -- from sourcing and manufacturing to distribution and use in salon. 

This assessment found that the new Welloxon Perfect salon color developer achieves up to 18% impact reduction on climate change and water scarcity, based on a combination of all the improvements.

Welloxon Perfect's upgraded formula is vegan. It is also free of mineral oil, which is derived from non-renewable fossil fuels.

"Wella Company is committed to improving sustainability and pursuing a comprehensive approach focusing on all aspects of our product offerings from A-Z: packaging and recycling, manufacturing and distribution, the use phase, and of course, ingredients," Peter Coles, chief scientific officer at Wella Company, said in a press release. "We continuously work across our supplier network for new solutions to drive positive change." 

In addition, Welloxon Perfect is among the first products in the beauty and cosmetics industry to use carbon-reduced hydrogen peroxide created by Evonik, in partnership with Wella Company. 

This ingredient is certified to reduce carbon emissions, compared with the hydrogen peroxide used in the previous formula.

Regarding packaging, Welloxon Perfect's new bottle design features an innovative multi-layer molding technology, which enables replacing virgin plastic with up to 70% of post-consumer recycled plastic. 

The packaging can save approximately 90 metric tons of plastic per year compared to the previous product, according to the company. The bottle is designed to be 100% recyclable, except for safety seal, in countries where a recycling system is established.

Thanks to the newly optimized bottle shape, more bottles can now fit on a transport pallet, which can reduce the number of trucks needed for distribution by approximately 25%.

When it comes to in-salon use, Wella's R&D stylists and education team are sharing an easy rinsing technique for professional stylists, which the company estimates can potentially save up to 6 liters of water for every color service in which the technique is used.

Welloxon Perfect joins Wella Professionals vegan color lines Koleston Perfect, Illumina Color, and Blondorplex, the first two of which are a color crème packaged in 100% recycled aluminum tubes. 

Welloxon Perfect is available in markets across Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.