Otella Body Cooling Spray

(Photo : Otella)

Otella has introduced its new line of Cooling Body Sprays, specifically designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

These sprays aim to help users stay cool during physical activities and stressful situations.

The development of Otella's Cooling Body Sprays was driven by the recognition that many consumers struggle with overheating during workouts. 

To address this, the sprays are formulated to hydrate the skin and alleviate discomfort caused by heat, fatigue, and stress. Users can apply the spray to their neck, chest, or any pulse point to experience a quick cooling sensation.

"We are thrilled to introduce our first product to the world and couldn't be prouder of the rigorous testing that's gone into it," said Mimi Leitner, senior vice president of marketing at Otella, stated in a press release. "Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a high-proprietary formula that minimizes the effect of overheating while also hydrating and protecting your skin."

Otella's Cooling Body Sprays are available in three distinct formulas, each featuring unique aromatherapy scents to serve different needs:

1. Concentrate: Infused with rosemary and mint, this formula is designed to keep users alert and focused, making it ideal for transitioning from the gym to the office.

2. Energize: Containing orange and ginger, this variant helps reduce fatigue and maintain energy levels throughout the day.

3. Relax: Enhanced with lavender and vanilla, this spray helps users stay cool, relaxed, and calm post-workout, pre-meeting, or before bedtime.

To celebrate the launch, Otella is introducing its Cooling Body Sprays at select Life Time Fitness locations. This strategy aims to engage with the fitness community directly and allow users to experience the product firsthand.

Otella Cooling Body Sprays are priced at $20 for a 2.7-fluid-ounce bottle and are available for purchase online at www.otellacool.com. 

The product will also be available for sampling at select Life Time Fitness locations throughout the summer.

This product launch marks Otella's first entry into the market, with the company expressing confidence in its ability to meet the needs of individuals seeking to enhance their active lifestyles. 

The brand's focus on rigorous testing and proprietary formulations shows its commitment to delivering high-quality solutions for overcoming the challenges associated with maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.