(Photo : Getty Images/Justin Shin)

French luxury retailer L'Occitane has appointed Mingyu, a member of the popular Korean boy band Seventeen, as its first brand ambassador in Asia. 

This strategic move aims to introduce the beauty and lifestyle of Provence to a broader audience in the region. 

The partnership was officially announced on May 21 at the L'Occitane Shibuya store in Tokyo, which is recognized as one of the brand's flagship destinations in Asia.

The K-pop idol attended the event and expressed his commitment to delivering L'Occitane's message of authenticity to customers across the region.

Irene Goh, managing director of L'Occitane Asia-Pacific, highlighted the significance of this partnership. 

"L'Occitane has always been deeply connected to the essence of Provence, where life unfolds at an unhurried pace amidst fields of lavender and groves of almond trees," Goh said. "Mingyu embodies the ideal modern yet Provencal lifestyle-busy but happy to be so, yet appreciating the luxury of taking time to care for himself and those around him."

The first collaborative campaign between Mingyu and L'Occitane is expected to be unveiled around the third quarter of 2024. 

The brand took to its official Instagram to share the news, stating, "Take time in the coming months to discover how Mingyu cares for himself and his loved ones with our premium body care range."

Mingyu's appointment aligns with L'Occitane's strategy to embrace and promote the Provencal lifestyle, which values savoring each moment, reconnecting with nature, and taking time for self-care. This partnership is designed to raise brand awareness and introduce L'Occitane's products and values to a wider demographic in Asia.

The collaboration with Mingyu, known for his charisma and authenticity, is expected to resonate well with L'Occitane's target audience. 

As a member of Seventeen, Mingyu has a significant following and influence, making him a suitable ambassador to convey the brand's message of authenticity and self-care.

This partnership is the latest in a series of luxury brand collaborations with Korean entertainment personalities. It reflects the growing trend of global luxury brands tapping into the popularity and influence of K-pop stars to reach new markets.

By aligning with a figure who embodies the values of both modernity and tradition, L'Occitane aims to create a deeper connection with consumers in Asia and inspire them to experience the luxury of taking time for self-care with its premium products.

As the campaign rolls out later this year, both L'Occitane and Mingyu are expected to bring a fresh and engaging perspective to the beauty and lifestyle market in Asia.