Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Products

(Photo : Charlotte Tilbury)

Charlotte Tilbury and Huda Beauty are currently the most-searched makeup brands in France, according to a recent report by market research firm Spate.

The analysis highlights a significant increase in the popularity of these brands among French consumers, driven primarily by products that enhance the longevity of makeup such as setting sprays and powders.

Spate's data reveals that Charlotte Tilbury leads with an average of 123,100 monthly searches, marking a notable increase of 53,300 compared to the previous year. 

The search terms indicate a broad interest in the brand's range of products, with keywords such as "calendrier de l'avent" (advent calendar), "rouge à lèvres" (lipstick), and "poudre" (powder) frequently appearing. 

This trend also suggests that French makeup enthusiasts are particularly drawn to Charlotte Tilbury's blush, bronzer, and setting spray offerings, reflecting a diverse set of preferences in their beauty routines.

Huda Beauty, founded by Dubai-based entrepreneur Huda Kattan, follows closely with an average of 105,100 monthly searches, showing a substantial increase of 47,400 from last year. 

French consumers are particularly interested in the brand's powders and foundations, as evidenced by search terms like "poudre Huda" (Huda powder) and "fond de teint Huda Beauty" (Huda Beauty foundation). 

The report from Spate provides valuable insights into the preferences of French makeup consumers. The rising searches for Charlotte Tilbury and Huda Beauty indicate a growing demand for products that ensure makeup longevity and overall quality. 

This trend reflects a broader consumer behavior focused on the durability and finish of makeup, which are crucial for both daily wear and special occasions.

Both brands' success in France also points to their effective global marketing strategies and ability to cater to diverse beauty needs.

The increased interest in specific product categories such as setting sprays and powders suggests that these brands have successfully tapped into the French market's desire for long-lasting makeup solutions.