woman putting on lip gloss

(Photo : Pexels/MART PRODUCTION )

The beauty world is buzzing about the bunny tongue trend, a phenomenon taking TikTok by storm.

Beauty enthusiasts are raving about this delicate, pink hue reminiscent of a bunny's tongue, deemed the ideal pink shade for lips.

If you're eager to join the trend and find the perfect bunny tongue shade, below are four lip glosses we highly recommend.

These shades capture the essence of the bunny tongue trend, each offering unique benefits while delivering that perfect pink hue. Whether you prefer a subtle shine or a long-lasting vibrant color, there's a bunny tongue lippie here for everyone.

1. Romand Color Glasting in 01 Peony Ballet

This nude pink shade, reminiscent of strawberry milk, offers a soft yet striking look. The Romand Color Glasting in 01 Peony Ballet delivers an angelic plumpness to your lips, providing a juicy glow.

The gloss boasts vivid transparency, starting off pure and clear and intensifying to a bold, vibrant shade with each layer. The texture strikes a balance, being neither too watery nor sticky, ensuring a comfortable wear. Additionally, it's lightweight and durable, ensuring your lips stay beautifully glossy throughout the day.

2. Tarte Maracuja Shift in Bubblegum

The Tarte Maracuja Shift in Bubblegum is a pH-powered plumping gloss-balm that magically transforms into a custom pink shade unique to your lips. This product combines the benefits of a plumping balm, gloss, color, and hydrating treatment all in one.

The gloss reacts with your natural pH level to create your perfect shade of pink, giving your lips a lasting juicy color with a stained-glass shine. Infused with hyaluronic acid and over 10 superfruits, this gloss not only plumps your lips but also smooths lip lines for a soft, pillowy pout.

3. Maybelline Superstay Vinyl Ink in 160 Sultry

For those seeking a long-lasting, high-impact color, the Maybelline Superstay Vinyl Ink in 160 Sultry is an excellent choice. This lip makeup features a color lock formula that resists smudging and transfer, ensuring your lips look fabulous for up to 16 hours.

The comfortable formula provides an instant shine with just one swipe and comes in a variety of shades, including this vibrant bunny tongue-inspired pink. For the best application, shake the tube for at least five seconds, apply to clean, dry lips with the precise flocked tip applicator, and let it fully dry.

4. Sephora Gloss in 07 Pink Pout

Many beauty aficionados believe that the Sephora Gloss in 07 Pink Pout is the closest match to the bunny tongue shade. This high-shine, vibrant lip gloss makes your lips appear fuller and plumper.

Additionally, the formula is enriched with moisturizing sunflower seed oil, ginger root oil, and peppermint oil, which help to hydrate and plump your lips with each application. The gloss's formulation ensures a smooth and glossy finish, giving your lips a luscious, bunny tongue-inspired look.