Lip Sketch Hydrating Crayon
Lip Sketch Hydrating Crayon in Banquette
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Ilia Beauty has introduced the Lip Sketch Hydrating Crayon, expanding its range of vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics. This latest innovation aims to provide users with fuller, more defined lips through a unique blend of hydrating ingredients.

The Lip Sketch Hydrating Crayon is designed to deliver rich color for up to 12 hours, with 12 different shades available, including pinks, reds, nudes, browns, and purples. 

The product retails for $26 and is available on the brand's official website.

Key ingredients in the Lip Sketch Hydrating Crayon include sea succulent, hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil, and seaweed extract. These are known for their moisturizing properties and their ability to enhance the skin barrier, resulting in softer, smoother, and plumper lips. 

Sea succulent helps boost hydration and replenish the skin barrier, while hyaluronic acid attracts moisture to hydrate and plump the lips. Seaweed extract improves lip definition and volume, and rosehip oil nourishes and softens the lips.

In a clinical study involving 53 consumers, the results were overwhelmingly positive. All participants reported smoother lips, and 98% observed fuller-looking lips immediately after use. 

The Lip Sketch Hydrating Crayon comes with a sharpener for precise application. It is also designed for easy use: start by lining the outer lips and Cupid's bow, then fill in for a full-coverage color. 

This dual-functionality provides the creamy comfort of a lipstick combined with the precision of a lip liner.

Founder Sasha Plavsic described the motivation behind the product as a desire to improve traditional lip liners, aiming to create a more comfortable and hydrating option that could also deliver vibrant color. 

"When we sat down to make Lip Sketch, the first thing I said was, what's wrong with liners? And how can we streamline the process of using one? The solution was to make a comfortable liner that could hold a line and also fill the lips with hydrating color," Plavsic noted.

The Lip Sketch Hydrating Crayon is dermatologist-tested and bleed-resistant as well as boasts a soft-matte finish.

Ilia Beauty's new Lip Sketch Hydrating Crayon offers a blend of both skincare and cosmetic benefits, catering to those looking for long-lasting, hydrating, and defining lip color.