Drowsy Eyelash Protecting Mask
(Photo : Drowsy Sleep Co.)

Drowsy Sleep Co, known for its luxurious silk sleep masks, has unveiled a new product designed specifically to protect eyelashes during sleep. 

Priced at £79 ($100), the Eyelash Protecting Silk Sleep Mask is available for purchase on the Drowsy's official website. The product's introduction highlights Drowsy Sleep Co's commitment to enhancing sleep quality and beauty maintenance through innovative design.

The latest addition to the brand's collection aims to cater to individuals with long natural lashes and extensions, offering a solution for those seeking uninterrupted, comfortable rest.

It is crafted from 100% mulberry silk and features deep eyelash-protecting cups that provide zero pressure on the eyelids. 

This design is intended to prevent damage to lashes and ensure they remain intact and pristine overnight. The mask also includes sound-muffling, nonslip material to promote undisturbed sleep.

Noteworthy aspects of the mask include its fully wrap-around design, black-out liner, and 22 momme silk, which is known for its superior quality and softness. 

The mask's wide-cushioned construction not only protects lashes but also benefits the skin and hair, reducing friction and potential damage during sleep.

For those looking to combine effective lash protection with a luxurious sleep experience, Drowsy's new eyelash-protecting sleep mask promises to deliver both comfort and beauty benefits.