beard oil

(Photo : Unsplash/officialvikramsen Vikram Sen)

Men in the United States are increasingly adopting detailed grooming routines, with analysts revealing that mustache oil and pre-shave oil are currently the fastest-growing trends in men's grooming.

According to a report from beauty trend tracker Spate, these products have seen a significant uptick in searches, reflecting men's rising interest in comprehensive grooming solutions.

Searches for mustache oil have skyrocketed, averaging 1,800 searches per month with a year-over-year growth of 245%.

This surge suggests that men are placing more emphasis on the care and appearance of their facial hair. 

Queries such as "Does mustache oil work?" and "best beard and mustache growth oil" indicate a strong interest in the effectiveness of these products. 

For brands, this trend points to an opportunity to delve into what makes oil products appealing and to consider adding skincare benefits like skin-softening properties and fragrances such as rosemary.

Meanwhile, pre-shave oil is also rising in popularity, with 5,900 average monthly searches and a 58.4% year-over-year growth.

This product is used to prepare the skin and hair for shaving, offering a lubricating layer that reduces friction and enhances the shaving experience.

The interest in pre-shave oil extends to homemade solutions, as shown by searches like "homemade pre-shave oil straight razor" and "DIY pre-shave oil." 

The increase in searches for both mustache and pre-shave oils presents a significant opportunity for brands and ingredient suppliers. 

By marketing carrier oils for DIY recipes and creating versatile, multi-use products, companies can cater to the demand for efficient and effective grooming solutions.