Sally Hansen x LoveShackFancy

(Photo : LoveShackFancy)

Sally Hansen and LoveShackFancy have launched a limited-edition nail polish collection, merging fashion and beauty perfect for spring. 

The collaboration features Sally Hansen's Color Therapy polishes, which are known for their nourishing formula infused with argan oil and biotin. These ingredients help protect nails from breaking, peeling, or splitting, according to the company.

The collection features five Color Therapy shades that perfectly complement LoveShackFancy's Spring 2024 collection: Fleur-T, Pink I'll Sleep In, Rosy Quartz, Tulle Much, and Top Coat.

This set features a pearlescent white and a rosy pink shade, both infused with argan oil for intensive nourishment and moisture, promoting healthier-looking nails. 

To achieve the best results, users are advised to apply one coat of Color Therapy to clean, dry nails, allow it to dry for 2-3 minutes, apply a second coat, and let it dry thoroughly. 

A top coat can be added for a glossy finish and extended wear, followed by the Color Therapy Nail Cuticle Oil for rejuvenated nails and cuticles.

Sally Hansen's new partnership with LoveShackFancy is designed to complement the fashion house's latest spring collection. 

Each bottle in this limited-edition line features a floral sticker graphic on the cap, inspired by LoveShackFancy's signature style. 

Stefano Curti, chief brands officer at Coty Consumer Beauty, highlighted the alignment of the two brands, stating that the romantic and feminine essence of LoveShackFancy's designs was a perfect match for Sally Hansen's chic and stylish polishes.

"When you wear one of the brand's elegant designs, you'll want to accessorize with colors and hues that complement the outfit," Curti said in a press release. "We knew Sally Hansen could offer the perfect range of polishes to create an equally chic manicure!"

The individual shades from the Sally Hansen Color Therapy x LoveShackFancy collection will be available at CVS starting this month.

The collection also includes the Sally Hansen x LoveShackFancy Nail Polish Duo, priced at $17.99, which can be purchased from Walgreens and LoveShackFancy's website.