Patrick Starrr One/Size Beauty Ultimate Setting Powder
Ultimate Setting Powder in Ultra Peach
(Photo : One/Size Beauty)

Expanding its repertoire, Patrick Starrr's One/Size Beauty is rolling out three new inclusive shades for its Ultimate Setting Powder line.

Adding the three new shades -- Marigold, Rich Peach, and Ultra Peach -- brings the total to seven, guaranteeing an extensive array of options that cater to diverse skin tones. 

Marigold is tailored for those with dark to very deep skin tones, while Rich Peach is designed for medium/dark to deep skin tones. Meanwhile, Ultra Peach caters to individuals with very fair to medium skin tones.

The Ultimate Setting Powder is a finely crafted blurring powder engineered to deliver a seamless finish without any white cast or photo flashback, ensuring a flawless appearance across all skin tones, including the deepest hues. 

With its promise of a soft matte finish and sweat-proof properties that last a remarkable 24 hours, it's become a staple in many makeup arsenals.

What sets the Ultimate Setting Powder apart is its transformative formula, often likened to an "IRL filter effect." It is infused with Performance Powder Microspheres, ensuring a velvety-smooth texture upon application. 

Additionally, Surface-Treated Pigments enhance adhesion to the skin, while Soft-Focus Powders work their magic in blurring imperfections such as lines and pores, which results in a refined and flawless complexion.

The product is proudly cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan, aligning with the brand's commitment to ethical and inclusive beauty standards.

The Ultimate Setting Powder is priced at $34 and is available, including the new shades, on One/Size Beauty's website.