Kosas blush

(Photo : Kosas)

Kosas has unveiled its latest collection, named Blush Is Life, featuring eight new buildable and long-wearing shades. Through this, the cosmetic line pays homage to the color of emotion. 

The new collection aims to provide users with a healthy flush of color, described by marketers as an "instant swipe of life" for the wearer's face. 

Each shade boasts a dual-toned, baked, and swirled formula infused with squalane and hyaluronic acid, promising dimensional hues that enhance the complexion for a refreshed finish. 

The formula is designed to seamlessly blend into the skin, offering buildable, long-wearing color that maintains a natural appearance.

The eight shades included in the Blush Is Life collection are Euphoria, Hype, Thrill, Swoon, Dreamland, Butterflies, Blissed, and Adrenaline. These shades range from cool pinky mauve to vibrant blood orange, catering to a diverse range of preferences and skin tones.

Featuring a talc-free powder blush formulation, each shade offers a silky smooth texture that melts into the skin for a radiant finish. 

According to the brand, consumer perception studies showed positive feedback, with participants praising the ease of application and the natural, blendable look achieved with the blush.

The baked formula starts with a mousse-like texture, allowing for the incorporation of skincare actives before being baked into terracotta tiles, resulting in a silky texture and even dispersion of color.

Moreover, the collection is dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic, ensuring its suitability for sensitive skin. 

The product is now available for purchase online at Kosas.com and Sephora.